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Woodworm & dry rot treatment

Act fast to stop the spread. Talk to Dampshield UK about woodworm and dry rot treatment. Based in Deeside, we cover Mold, Nantwich and the Wirral.

Dealing with dry rot

Dry rot moves through wood quickly, so it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. The first step is to arrange a survey. A member of our team in Deeside will visit your domestic or commercial site so that we can assess the extent of the damage.

Once we’ve seen what we’re dealing with, we can give you a fully costed quote so you know what to expect and can give us the go ahead. For more information or to arrange a consultation, get in touch today.

Worried about woodworm?

Woodworm can cause significant structural damage to your property. The signs include small holes surrounded by wood dust and you may even see woodworm beetles. The damage is actually caused by the larvae, so timber will need to be treated with pesticides before any damaged sections can be replaced. Woodworm is a relatively common issue that can be dealt with before too much damage is done. If you’re not sure and would like someone to take a look, contact Dampshield today.

A close up view of a gold coloured old fashioned radiator in a cottage with exposed timber
a beautiful farmhouse kitchen in a fully restored and rebuilt farm

What does treatment involve?

The treatment for dry rot and woodworm involves similar steps:

An initial survey is carried out
A fungicide or pesticide is applied to stop the spread and deal with the issue

Any damaged sections are replaced with chemically treated timber
Protective sprays are applied to the surrounding woodwork

If you’re worried about dry rot or woodworm, call now.

Speak to Dampshield UK in Deeside on

01244 537236

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