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Radon Vent Fan Pipe and Monitoring System

Radon treatment

Dampshield UK deal with radon and ground gas protection for clients across North Wales. To find out more about mitigation, talk to our team in Deeside today.

Protection and mitigation

We provide solutions for existing buildings with raised levels of radon, and apply radon and ground gas protection for new build properties. Remediation treatment depends on a number of factors including the levels of radon detected, building construction and its use.

All of this is confirmed initially with a site-specific survey. We also design and apply gas and waterproofing membranes on new build properties, renovations, extensions and alterations, working closely with architects and designers to ensure there aren’t any issues.

New builds

Dampshield UK can design and install gas and radon membranes for your new build project, including extensions to existing properties. If the property has a basement, is built into a hillside or is split level, there is a greater risk of ground water ingress. We’ll ensure that membranes are incorporated with waterproofing measures to avoid any issues later on.

A row of detached newly built houses on a development in Central Scotland
Radon Monitoring System in House Basement

Existing buildings

Radon is a radioactive gas emitted from the underlying rock and soil that enters a building through gaps around pipes and walls etc. It is harmful and carcinogenic, which is why it’s so important to identify the issue.

Testing devices are placed in the lounge and bedroom and left for 3 months before they’re sent for analysis. You will then receive a report showing the levels of radon detected. This costs around £60 and is available from PHE measurement services online, where there’s a map of the UK showing high and low risk areas.

The target result is 100 bq per cubic mtr and remedial action is advised if the results are above 200 bq cubic mtr. A reduction of radon can be achieved by a variety of measures from simple ventilation to sophisticated sumps fitted in the ground floor with or without fan driven extraction.

Put radon and ground gas protection in place

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